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Parts and parcel of life

Been busy with poly this days,
Joined ADC as a CCA in poly
Subjects in poly are quite tougher -DUH
But i love eg1017 :D

Short post every now and then
Sorry people

Nothing on me

Summary of the day

Okay so settled almost everything for poly.
Loan stuff
So many stuff to do before i can enter poly -,-
So tmrw my orientation,yes i know pathetic
and the following days will be filled with math revision at poly!YEY,ftw
Hmm,will be updating lesser i guess more less.HAHA
I shall now do skipping wee~



Summary of the day



Chealsea please win the cup

Summary of the day

Okay yesterday went to ecp for class gathering.
HAHA,from around 1+ to 10
Enjoyed myself i guess,with just me essham wilson(include some people) starting the fire and cooking and for those helped by sitting,thank you.
Swim swan swam around ecp.Played frisbee and stuff
On the menu,mushroom ? chicken,hotdogs cornS? and some other stuff.
Too bad no teachers attended.
But it was good final outing. :D

I hate penalties

Run run im a lazy man

Summary of the day

So woke up around 1130 and got a called straight away from ming in the MORNING.
Asking me to accompany him,to Republic poly to see laptops.
ouh,ya haven decide my laptop yet,Maybe gonna buy that slim fit acer laptop
Im going for performance wise,so met ming around 130
instead of going to see laptops he changed idea to eating.
and end up with me and fir eating.
Damn kid,i hope you buy that useless laptop you were eyeing.HAHAHAHAHA
Went home around 4.30pm and slept for a while and stuff
Maybe gonna go cardio tmrw playing soccer,HAHA


I hate paperwork

Summary of the day

Wokeh,been a busy week with all those checkups,payments and form fillings
Well,lets just say poly should give some form waaaaay early so it can be finished waaaay early
but im done and if u're reading this
I've probably posted my letter so don't ask me anymore -,-
sad.I was thinking of adventure club as my cca.wee
Climb Climb Climb~
Ouh yeah,gonna get myself Final fantasy 13 next week.wee


Trial for bad music

Summary of the day

okay,ive got another 9 more days or so to submit my poly stuff.
So much paper work and so much receipt sad
So much stuff to send back.HAHA
Bought my rockband though and jamming at home.WOO
Anyone wanna join me?

Gonna tone up my body alil before poly startWoo
muhsin- ;D